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Request Utility Activation Authorization

HUD requires all HUD-owned properties have all utilities deactivated at all times AND be winterized during winter months (October - March) to prevent damage to the property. However, prospective buyers or their agents may need to inspect electrical, plumbing or other systems of a home and require activation of utilities at a property to facilitate those inspections.

Before the buyer-requested inspection can take place, Sentinel Field Services, Inc. may need to verify the integrity of the plumbing system at the property, especially during winter months where the risk of water and freeze damage is increased. After the inspections have occurred, properties may need to be re-winterized to prevent damage until the sale transaction closes.

  • The fee for a Plumbing System Integrity Check is $75.
  • The fee for a Re-winterization is $75.

The good news is that not every property requires both services for a variety of reasons. Sentinel has created this on-line tool to determine if the property requires the Plumbing System Integrity Verification and/or the Re-winterization.

Please Note: This site works best if you use Internet Explorer. Other browsers can experience issues when submitting form data. Please use Internet Explorer to submit your request.

Please Note: Our system is currently unable to pull the entire address of the specified property through to your screen. Please continue on with your application as all of the necessary data is passed through to us and your request can still be processed.

Please enter the FHA Case Number of the property to determine what service are required.

FHA Case #:
Click here for instructions to find the FHA Case Number for a property.

* Please note: Before you can request the Plumbing System Integrity Verification or Re-winterization services, HUD must ratify (meaning the property must be in "Step 8"). If HUD has not ratified the offer, you will not be allowed to request these services. Please contact your realtor for more information or check back on the next business day.

If you would like to check the status of your previously submitted Utility Activation Authorization Request, please enter the FHA Case Number below:

FHA Case #:
Click here for instructions to find the FHA Case Number for a property.

Tracking #:
You can find the Tracking # in the e-mail we sent you when you submitted your initial request.